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Where is the Mangosteen Called Queen of Fruit?

It seems this question is asked frequently. Well, there are a few different answers and we don't know for sure where the mangosteen is called queen of fruit in print, but we have 2 versions of a rumor as to why it is.

Queen Victoria loved the taste of the mangosteen fruit and offered either cash reward or knighthood to anyone who could bring her some. The problem was and still is that this is a very difficult, time consuming and an expensive fruit to grow. It must be grown in warm, somewhat tropical climates with little temperature variance and adequate rainfall. It takes 8 years for the mangosteen tree to bear any fruit, and when it does, they are few are far between.

At the age of 18, Victoria became queen in 1837, but had to wait until 1855 before the mangosteen fruit would be grown in green houses in England.

So why all the trouble to try to get someone to bring her some of this fruit? It really does taste good and the health benefits are numerous. Canned and frozen preparation will not taste as good as fresh. In the US you cannot import it because of the fruit fry it may carry and the immense damage this could do to our crops. Some companies using special treatments are able to import it, but under very tight guidelines.

Luckily for you, you can simply order mangosteen juice  or mangosteen capsules without even leaving your home. Why not get the many health benefits of mangosteen juice today? It's so easy to just drink an ounce or two a day, or take 1-2 capsules, and trust me you will notice your improved health.

Be sure to visit our testimonial pages to find out some of the health benefits other people have enjoyed. And be sure to leave us your own testimonial once you've tried it.

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